Feature Videos

Feature Videos

Viewlets are movies showing the user interaction with the BESA program step by step on selected examples. More viewlets are currently under development, and the list will be continuously updated.

Analysis of epileptiform EEG activity

a) Analysis of interictal epileptic spikes

  • Part 1: Traditional montages and 3D mapping
  • Part 2: Brain source montages and correlation analysis
  • Part 3: Spike detection and averaging
  • Part 4: Source analysis, 1st strategy: Sequential dipole fitting
  • Part 5: Source analysis, 2nd strategy: Initial fitting of the spike peak
  • Part 6: Source analysis, 3rd strategy: Regional sources

b) Analysis of epileptic seizures

  • Part 1: Density spectral array (DSA) analysis
  • Part 2: Conventional and FFT mapping of the seizure onset
  • Part 3: Averaging and correlation analysis of a seizure onset cycle
  • Part 4: Source analysis of an averaged seizure onset cycle

Source coherence and time-frequency analysis

  • Part 1: Time-frequency analysis at sensor level
  • Part 2: Time-frequency analysis in brain source space
  • Part 3: Understanding the effects of regularization

Analysis of an auditory reaction time experiment