Supported Products

Supported Products

BESA GmbH provides free e-mail support for 1 year after purchasing a license from our sales office or through our distributors.

Important note: Support for the following BESA products will run out at the end of September 2016:

  • BESA Research 5.3 (latest release date April 2012)
  • BESA Statistics 1.0 (latest release date February 2014)

Since August 2012, BESA versions 5.1.x (latest release date Nov. 2006) and older are no longer supported. Since October 2012, BESA versions older than 5.2.x (latest release date June 2009) and older are no longer supported. Thank you very much for your understanding!


Supported Products
BESA Research 6.1
BESA Research 6.0
BESA Research 5.3
BESA Statistics 2.0
BESA Statistics 1.0
BESA Epilepsy 2.0
BESA Epilepsy 1.0