The following lectures introduce basic ideas, features, and applications of BESA Research:

  • BESA Introduction to Multiple Source Analysis (18.0 MB): An introduction to the principles of multiple source analysis of EEG and MEG data with and without combination with fMRI. Includes examples from the BESA hands-on tutorials.

Three recent lectures from the Dianalund Summer School on EEG and Epilepsy, July 2012:

Download and try out the related hands-on material using DipoleSimulator and BESA Research software:
BESA Hands-On_Dianalund-Summer-School_2012.zip (34 MB)

Lecture on new workflow for efficient and fast analysis of interictal spikes recorded with MEG or high-density EEG systems:

Former lectures on working with epilepsy data:

For a practical introduction to the BESA software, please also refer to our hands-on tutorials.