Spike detection

Spike detection

Automated detection and fast clustering

  • Automated detection of epileptiform discharges, e.g. spikes, sharp waves, with 91% sensitivity in adults and children.
  • Automated detection using 29 regional brain sources. High sensitivity – also for spikes in fissures!
  • Detection takes at the most 3h on a 24h EEG.
  • Runs on routine EEG and LTM EEG.
  • Program execution recommended on each acquisition unit (Clinical Edition only) and/or server in “nearly-online” or offline mode.
  • Independent of acquisition software with additional review capability.
  • Easy, intuitive workflow to set up detection during EEG monitoring.


Do you need to page through 4537 detections over a 24 h EEG?

No. Since clustering and hyperclustering are done after spike detection.

Find more details about the spike detection in Epilepsia, Volume 53, Issue 7, pages 1196–1204, July 2012
“Fast evaluation of interictal spikes in long-term EEG by hyper-clustering”