3D whole head map

All-in-one software for fast review and advanced EEG analysis

3D whole head mapping

Whole head maps provide a complete overview and a better interpretation of the topography of EEG abnormalities. Just click on a detected pattern to obtain 3D whole head maps. Click on a particular view to obtain a series of maps showing the evolution over time.

  • Six standard head views from different perspectives in addition to the conventional top views
  • Standard time series of 15 maps or user-defined time series
  • Whole head view with optimized color display and equipotential lines to facilitate identification of the generating brain region
  • Maps can be rotated freely in 3D or set to standard views by fast rotation buttons
  • Available map types are: Voltage, current source density (CSD / Laplacian), FFT spectral amplitude, power, or phase


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Please note that EEGFocus is available from Nihon Kohden only.


Brain source montage & DSA

Right temporal seizure onset detected by DSA navigation and temporal lobe source montage.