Artifact and ERP

All-in-one software for fast review and advanced EEG analysis

Artifact correction and ERP

EEGFocus uses all EEG and EKG channels in a unique automated tool to detect and correct eye and EKG artifacts.

  • Automatic detection, definition, display, and correction of eye and EKG artifacts
  • Optimized separation of artifacts and EEG activity during review and automatic paging
  • Optional user defined correction of artifacts based on template pattern search and averaging

ERP analysis and averaging (optional)

EEGFocus provides off-line averaging and analysis of evoked and event-related potentials (ERP). Triggers from external stimulators or created internally, e.g. from rectified EMG, are defined along with specific conditions in paradigm scripts. Using a predefined protocol, ERP averages can be obtained rapidly using a fast 2-dimensional artifact scan to define noisy channels and epochs.

  • Definition of triggers, experimental variables, and conditions in paradigm script
  • Fast averaging of all conditions with split half option, e.g. alternating buffers
  • Top view display of the averaged ERPs with overplot option for multiple conditions
  • Automated peak detection and many user-definable display options


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Please note that EEGFocus is available from Nihon Kohden only.


Artifact corrrection & average

Correction of eye blinks reveals continous temporal-basal source pattern during seizure onset.

ERP top view & peak finder

ERP top view and peak finder show frontal spike pattern with propagation.