MATLAB Scripts

MATLAB Scripts

Important note: The aim of the scripts provided here is to facilitate importing data into MATLAB or processing data that was exported from BESA Research in MATLAB. The scripts can be used free of charge, but while we are happy to support the script contents themselves, BESA does not provide support for the use of these scripts in the context of MATLAB analysis pathways.

The MATLAB interface of BESA Research allows to transfer data directly from BESA Research to MATLAB. This includes raw or averaged data, source waveforms, source models, 3D source images, peak scores, FFT and time-frequency results. The following toolboxes provide some sample scripts that can be used to perform further processing of the transferred BESA Research data in MATLAB.

All of them are available through the BESA Github account in the section BESA MATLAB scripts.

MATLAB reader functions for BESA files

BESA MATLAB Readers: This zip file contains a range of MATLAB functions that read exported BESA files into MATLAB.

Export functions from MATLAB to BESA

MATLAB to BESA Export functions: This zip file contains a range of MATLAB functions that export MATLAB data structures as ASCII-files in a format that BESA products can read.

Additional utilities for MATLAB related to BESA products

A set of functions that might be helpful for handling BESA data in MATLAB:

  • TFPLOT– a tool for the averaging of Time Frequency data exported from BESA Research (adjustable visualization).
  • BesaConnectivityScripts – a set of functions that enhance usage of BESA Connectivity
  • besa_average_images – a tool to create an averaged image from distributed source analysis results exported from the BESA Research Source Analysis module


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