BESA Connectivity 2.0

BESA Connectivity 2.0 May 2023 is the latest version of BESA Connectivity.

Not yet released for the European Market! European customers, please click here.

Please read the user documentation before first use! 

Setup for BESA Connectivity 2.0

Please download the setup for BESA Connectivity 2.0 May 2023 using the following link.
IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you are updating an existing installation of BESA Connectivity 1.0, make sure to uninstall the existing product first, and then install the new setup.

Setup BESA Connectivity 2.0

New features and bug fixes

For a detailed list of all improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous release, please refer to the BESA Connectivity 2.0 – Update History.

User Documentation

All documents are available in pdf format and can be viewed with common pdf readers.

General product documentation provided:

BESA Connectivity 2.0 – Instructions for Use

BESA Connectivity 2.0 – Intended Use and Product Classification

Specific product documentation, provided in English language only:

BESA Connectivity 2.0 – User Manual

BESA Connectivity 2.0 – Update History

BESA Product Symbols – Meaning

BESA License Agreement

Please note that you are free to request the instructions for use for a purchased product in printed paper form at no additional cost at any time during the lifetime of the specific product.

Trial version

If you would like to test BESA Connectivity without owning a license yet, you can receive a fully functional, time-limited trial version. Please order a trial HASP dongle using the Trial Order Form.

Price list

For inquiries on purchasing our products, please contact our sales office at: