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BESA Trial Version Order

Using this form, you can order a trial version of any of the BESA products. The trial version is a fully functional program that will expire at a certain date (approximately 30 days after receipt). After submission of this form you will receive an installation CD and a HASP dongle that contains the trial license information.

The trial version is free of charge. After the trial period has expired, you can decide whether you would like to purchase a perpetual license of the BESA products (in which case you can keep the HASP dongle), or send back the HASP dongle via postal mail to the following address:

Freihamer Str. 18
82166 Gräfelfing – Germany

Phone: +49-89-4613 7343
Fax: +49 89 8980 9967

If the HASP dongle is not sent back to the address above within 3 weeks after license expiration, a dongle fee of 200 Euro / 300 US $ will apply.

Please note that it is required (*) to fill in all fields and to select a program before submission! If you encounter any problems, please contact


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