BESA LTM Training

BESA LTM Training

To train the reading, interpreting and localizing of LTM data in epilepsy diagnosis, a special version of BESA Research has been created: BESA LTM.

This version of BESA LTM has been created for the Advanced EEG course of VIREPA (Virtual Epilepsy Academy by the ILAE) 2018. It contains numerous examples and teaching documents.

Please fill out the form below to register. After submitting the form, you may download BESA LTM for personal training and run by remote access to the BESA server: You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Clicking this link will confirm your e-mail address and lead you directly to the download page.

Note: Please, do not use the download of BESA Research 6.1 from the BESA website. This does not contain the files and setup needed for training. A special BESA version is used for training (BESA LTM). Installation has been made very easy by one setup file to be downloaded from the BESA website.

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