BESA is an avid supporter of high-quality conferences that offer experienced and up-coming researchers a possibility to demonstrate their latest work, to interact with each other, and to learn about new insights in all fields of human neurosciences.
Therefore, BESA is sponsoring selected conferences every year:



SuSIE 2020 ISACM 2019
Online Toronto,Canada
2020SuSIE 2019ISACM
Bronze Sponsor

SuSIE 2019 MEG UK 2019 IEC 2019
2019Susie 2019MEGUK 2019IEC
Bochum, Germany Bristol, UK Bangkok, Thailand
Platinum Sponsor Bronze Sponsor Teaching Session

BIOMAG 2018 SuSIE 2018 BACI 2017
Philadelphia, USA Rauischholzhausen Castle, Germany Bern, Germany
2018BIOMAG 2018SuSIE 2017BACI
Silver Sponsor Platinum Sponsor Bronze Sponsor

SuSIE 2017 DGKN 2016 SuSIE 2016
Rauischholzhausen Castle, Germany Düsseldorf, Germany Rauischholzhausen Castle, Germany
2017SuSIE 2016DGKN 2016 SuSIE
Platinum Sponsor Bronze Sponsor Platinum Sponsor

BRAINN 2015 BACI 2015 OHBM 2014
Campinas, SP, Brazil Utrecht, The Netherlands Hamburg, Germany
BRAINN-2105 BACI-2014 OHBM-2014
Sponsor Sponsor Bronze Sponsor

ICON 2014 BACI 2013 Biomag 2012
Brisbane, Australia Geneva, Switzerland Paris, France
BACI-2013 BIOMAG-2012
Gold Sponsor Gold Sponsor Gold Sponsor