BESA is funding (master) projects on special topics. If you are a student of mathematics, physics, information science, or neurosciences, and are looking for a master project or a short-term project thesis, BESA offers interesting opportunities for you that find direct application in our BESA software products.

If you are interested in working on one of the projects, you can directly apply with us. For more information, please contact science [at] besa [dot] de

Manual correction of MRI segmentations

Target: Information sciences, Neurosciences – 3 months

The master student should identify and investigate existing tools to manually edit 3D volumes. In the field of brain research, manual correction of head tissue segmentations (skin, skull, CSF, brain) as derived from MRI images is relevant in cases, where head anatomy differs from normal due to head injuries, lesions, tumors, etc. Aberrant tissue must be marked and treated differently from the other tissue in forward model generation. Project target is a detailed briefing and a mock-up version of a user-friendly correction tool that will become part of the BESA MRI workflow.
Interested applicants should send an inquiry to science [at] besa [dot] de using the subject “manual correction of MRI segmentations” for details. Applicants should attach their CV.