The BESA Team

Our team is a thriving mixture of researchers from different disciplines, skilled software engineers and highly motivated young professionals. We believe that the interaction between experienced researchers and young, creative and dedicated people is the key to success.

This helps us in developing the most innovative software for data analysis in the field of EEG/MEG.


Meet the team

Dr. Tobias Scherg

CEO / General Manager

Theodor Scherg


Dieter Weckesser

Vice President / Head of Software Development

Dr. Michael Scherg

Director of Research

Dr. Harald Bornfleth

Product Manager BESA Research

Arndt Ebert

Product Manager BESA Clinical

Dr. Mateusz Rusiniak

Research & Development

Gudrun Gerber

Assistance / Sales & Marketing

Dr. Nicole Ille

Research & Development

Robert Spangler

Research & Development

Michael Kornwebel

Research & Development

Olga Kornwebel

Research & Development

Matthias Asselborn

Research & Development

Soma Sekhar Reddy Yarram

Research & Development

Jae-Hyun Cho

Research & Development

Abinash Pant

Research & Development

Christa Scherg

Assistance / General

Dr. Patrick Berg

Research & Development