BESA Research 7.0

BESA Research 7.0

BESA Research 7.0 March 2018 is the latest version of the BESA Research series. It offers many exciting new features. Particular highlights are:

  • Data review and pre-processing
    • Simultaneous EEG-fMRI data review: Correction of fMRI artifacts is now possible directly in the BESA Research review window. One of three methods can be selected, and the effects on the correction matrix directly visualized.
    • A new ICA method (SOBI) was introduced.
    • New readers are available: EEG: Neuroscan Curry version 7, Neuralynx. MEG: RICOH
  • Source analysis
    • Semi-Analytic Monte-Carlo Estimation (SESAME) of sources is a new automated localization method using Bayesian statistics that finds the most likely solution and displays the likelihood distribution as a volume image
    • Time-domain beamforming was introduced using either multiple or single sources, which can be applied as vector or scalar beamformer; various options for calculating spatial filters and weights are available. Source waveforms can be reconstructed, and virtual sensors can be derived from the results; virtual sensor montages can be applied to raw data in further analyses.
    • Brain atlases are available. Several state-of-the-art atlases can be selected, and displayed in user-defined overlay modes. It is possible to combine brain atlas images with other source imaging results.
  • Brain connectivity / source coherence
    • The new BESA Connectivity program (to be released in the next few weeks) can be started directly from the Coherence dialog, for enhanced methods in time-frequency decomposition and brain connectivity analysis

For a detailed list of all new features, bug fixes and changes compared to BESA Research 6.1 in this release of BESA Research 7.0 March 2018, please click BESA Research 7.0 – Update History.

Please read the Safety Instructions in the BESA Research 7.0 booklet before first use!

Full setup – for Source Analysis users

The full setup contains age-appropriate template FEM models kindly provided by John E. Richards, University of South Carolina, USA. It is recommended for users of the Source Analysis module. Please note that this setup consists of two parts (program setup, and template setup), which automatically run consecutively one after the other. You can download the complete setup file for BESA Research 7.0 March 2018 using the following link (1.7 GB):

Full Setup BESA Research 7.0

Please note that the InstallShield will require approximately 5 GB of free hard disk space to successfully complete the installation.

Reduced setup – without age-appropriate template models

This setup contains all features except the age-appropriate template models. At any time, it is possible to upgrade to the full version by downloading and installing the full setup above.
The setup file for BESA Research 7.0 March 2018 without age-appropriate template models is available from the following link (710 MB):

Reduced Setup BESA Research 7.0

Please note that the InstallShield will require approximately 2 GB of free hard disk space to successfully complete the installation.

Trial version

If you would like to test BESA Research without owning a license yet, you can receive a fully functional, time-limited trial version. Please order a trial HASP dongle using the Trial Order Form.

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