BESA Research 6.1 February 2016 release

A new patch release of BESA Research 6.1 is now available. It features some improvements and minor bug fixes. The setup can be downloaded here:

For a list of changes and the new features of BESA Research 6.1, please click here.

Please note that two setups are available:

  • The Full Setup BESA Research 6.1 contains the new age-appropriate template models kindly provided by John E. Richards, University of South Carolina, USA. It is recommended for Source Analysis users. The size of the setup file is 1.46 GB and downloading it may take a while.
  • The Reduced Setup BESA Research 6.1 does not contain the age-appropriate template models – it is eligible for customers who do not want to use Source Analysis. The size of the setup file is 534 MB.