BESA Research 6.1 released – download now!

All customers who have already purchased BESA Research 6.1 or who are eligible for a free upgrade can download their dongle updates directly from With any questions, please contact

The setup can be downloaded here:

Please note that two setups are available:

  • The Full Setup BESA Research 6.1 contains the new age-appropriate template models kindly provided by John E. Richards, University of South Carolina, USA. It is recommended for Source Analysis users. The size of the setup file is 1.46 GB and downloading it may take a while.
  • The Reduced Setup BESA Research 6.1 does not contain the age-appropriate template models – it is eligible for customers who do not want to use Source Analysis. The size of the setup file is 536 MB.

BESA Research 6.1 contains three major new features:

  • Cortical LORETA and CLARA – use the individual cortex as source space for LORETA and CLARA analysis. Unlike many other cortex-restricted methods that only project the source solution onto the cortex, BESA Research truly computes the solution on the individual cortex.
  • Age-appropriate template FEM head models – templates were derived by non-linear averaging across real brains in narrow age-ranges from infancy to adulthood. The template models are of particular relevance for experiments that do not have MRI images of all subjects, for example if the subjects are children or infants.
  • Resting state source montages – Source montages are available for the Default Mode Network, the Fronto-Parietal Task Control network, as well as Dorsal and Ventral Attention networks. These montages can be used for swiftly analyzing resting state data.

If you are interested in purchasing a BESA Research 6.1 license or upgrade, please contact