BESA Research – upgrade now in order to benefit from reduced update prices

Upgrading prices from older BESA Research versions to BESA Research 6.1 are a proportion of the current license price. For example, upgrading from BESA Research 5.3 to 6.1 currently costs 20% of the full license. From January 1st, 2016 upgrade prices will change. Therefore, now is a good time for customers who own an older BESA version to upgrade in order to secure reduced upgrade prices! Please have a look at the table below in order to see the upgrade benefit until December 31st 2015:

Upgrade from version … Upgrade price 2015 (Proportion of full license) Upgrade price 2016 (Proportion of full license)
6.0 → 6.1 Free, if 6.0 purchase less than 1 year old, otherwise 15 % 20%
5.3 → 6.1 20% 40%
5.2 → 6.1 30% 60%
5.1 → 6.1 50% 100%

If you are interested in upgrading your old BESA Research version to BESA Research 6.0/6.1, please send an email to for a quotation.