Celebrating 20 years of BESA (1995 – 2015)!

Get a 20% reduction on BESA Epilepsy which includes the bundle with BESA Research.

In 2015, BESA is celebrating its twenty-year anniversary! When BESA was born, the internet was only known to the initiated, who used browsers called Mosaic or Netscape Navigator; the Intel Pentium 133MHz processor was the dernier cri; and mobile phones were approximately the same size as they are again now.

Throughout this anniversary year, BESA is offering you a 20% reduction on any purchase of the BESA Epilepsy software. If you bundle this with a purchase of BESA Research for using the reliable pipeline for analyzing inter-ictal spikes and seizure onset, the reduction will extend to that, too. Please see HYPERLINK “https://www.besa.de/products/besa-epilepsy/brochures/” https://www.besa.de/products/besa-epilepsy/brochures/ for further insights into BESA Epilepsy and the pipeline.

The offer will end on 31st December 2015. For more information and a quotation, please contact sales@besa.de via e-mail.