BESA Research 6.0 April 2014 is now released!

BESA Research 6.0 April 2014 is the latest version of the BESA Research series. Compared to BESA 5.3, the 6.0 series provides the following new major features:

  • Interaction with BESA MRI: Source analysis can be performed with individual volume conductor models (FEM) that were created in BESA MRI. After co-registration, the individual FEM model is automatically available in the head model selection in the source analysis module of BESA Research 6.0.
  • ICA: Decomposition of EEG/MEG data into ICA components. ICA components can be used for artifact correction or as spatial components in source analysis. It is also possible to create ICA-reconstructed data only consisting of selected ICA components.
  • DICS: Dynamic imaging of coherent sources (Gross et al., 2001) allows to calculate coherence between any two brain voxels or between an external source and brain voxels. DICS can be used to determine coherence in evoked or induced data.

You’ll find more informations about BESA Research 6.0 on our BESA Research product page …