Upcoming Releases: BESA Statistics 2.0 and BESA Research 6.1 – secure free upgrades now!

Two exciting releases are about to happen in the BESA Research family:

  • BESA Statistics 2.0 will feature several important enhancements, based on our well-established non-parametric cluster permutation testing:
    • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for comparing more than 2 groups / conditions
    • Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) to additionally account for the influence of another variable (covariate of no interest)
    • Correlation analysis for testing the relationship between covariates of interest and EEG / MEG data

    Other new features include:

    • Direct reading of BrainVision data format for time and time-frequency data
    • Topographic mapping of time-frequency data averages
  • BESA Research 6.1 will boast the following new features:
    • Cortex LORETA – computation on individual or standard cortical surface, no projection
    • Cortex CLARA – recursively applied Cortex LORETA iteratively refines the solution
    • Realistic children‘s FEM head models for various age groups based on real averaged MRIs (kindly provided by John E. Richards, Univ South Carolina, USA)
    • New source montages for Default Mode Networks

Important reminder: Until the release of these packages, which is anticipated for end of May (BESA Statistics) and end of June (BESA Research), you can still purchase at the current price, with a free upgrade option to the new versions.

For more information and a quotation, please contact sales@besa.de via e-mail.