Integrated Workflow

Integrated workflow for all user-interactions

BESA MRI was designed to be maximally user-friendly and intuitive. All steps that require user-interactions are guided by a workflow, prompting the user to perform the next step and providing integrated context-related help, which can be turned off if desired.

A workflow consists of a series of worksteps that have to be done to finalize a project. Each workstep realizes a set of user interactions needed to achieve the workstep-specific result. Some worksteps can be run in automated processing mode with preset parameters, e.g. inhomogeneity correction and segmentation. Thus, only a few user interactions are needed during the initial worksteps.


Integrated workflow for all user-interactions



  • Fully integrated workflows are guiding the user step by step
  • Automatic finalization after setting up the MRI of single or multiple subjects
  • Review each step of the complete workflow at any time