Mateusz Rusiniak

Publications by BESA Staff

Publications by Mateusz Rusiniak 1-5

1. Rusiniak M, Lewandowska M, Wolak T, Pluta A, Milner R, Ganc M, et al. A modified oddball paradigm for investigation of neural correlates of attention: a simultaneous ERP–fMRI study. Magn Reson Mater Phy. 2013 Dec 1;26(6):511–26.

2. Skarzynski H, Wolak T, Pluta A, Lewandowska M, Rusiniak M, Lorens A, et al. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Auditory Cortex in Partial Deafness Treatment. JHS. 2012 May 15;2(2):OA53-OA60.

3. Wolak T, Cieśla K, Rusiniak M, Piłka A, Lewandowska M, Pluta A, et al. Influence of Acoustic Overstimulation on the Central Auditory System: An Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Study. Med Sci Monit. 2016 Nov 28;22:4623–35.

4. Rusiniak M, Lewandowska M, Pluta A, Ciesla K, Wojcik J, Wolak T. Intersubject variability of thalamic activation during generation of Berger’s alpha rhythm. JHS. 2015 Aug 31;5(2):16–22.

5. Pluta A, Kurkowski M, Rusiniak M, Wolak T, Wasilewska N, Grudzien D, et al. Neural deficits in children with auditory processing disorder. Evidence from functional MRI. JHS. 1(2):EA0-EA0.

Publications by Mateusz Rusiniak 6-7

6. Pluta A, Wolak T, Czajka N, Lewandowska M, Cie K, Rusiniak M, et al. Reduced resting-state brain activity in the default mode network in children with (central) auditory processing disorders. Behavioral and brain functions: BBF. 2014;10(1):33–33.

7. Milner R, Rusiniak M, Lewandowska M, Wolak T, Ganc M, Piatkowska-Janko E, et al. Towards neural correlates of auditory stimulus processing: A simultaneous auditory evoked potentials and functional magnetic resonance study using an odd-ball paradigm. Medical Science Monitor. 2014;20:35–46.