BESA Research 7.1 November 2021 is released!

BESA Research 7.1 November 2021 is a maintenance release. All customers with a valid license for BESA Research version 7.1 are eligible for a free update to this version.

This release features a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Please make sure to update to this version as soon as possible on

Highlights include:

Data review and pre-processing:

  • File readers: Alpha-trace and Neuromag readers were improved.
  • ERP averaging of artifact-corrected data: The workflow in the case that artifact correction is available was improved. It is now possible to switch artifact correction off for averaging, but automatically load artifact coefficients and correct the data after averaging. This leads to less distortion of the data.
  • Time-frequency plot: The time-frequency plot that is available via right-click in the review window can now show frequencies up to just below the Nyquist limit (50% of sampling rate), if the menu entry “Options / Display / Use High Frequencies in Time-Frequency Plots” is selected.
  • Batch processing and combining conditions: Application responsiveness during loading of the file list was improved. Multiple files can now be removed from the list at once, and removing/adding can be interrupted if needed.

Source analysis:

  • 3D display and volume imaging:
    • In 3D visualizations of brain anatomy, a glass brain display can now be toggled to be shown or hidden on top of the sliced MRI image, using a new toolbar button in the 3D window. The amount of transparency of the glass brain can be changed on the fly using Shift + UP / DOWN arrow keys. The glass brain view can also be adapted in the 3D window options dialog.
    • When starting an iterative volume image (CLARA; sSLOFO) without a fit region or a cursor, the cursor is now set automatically at the latency of maximum variance.
  • Source waveform display: The number of displayed source waveforms is now user-controlled. The maximum number of displayed source waveforms can be adjusted in the Display tab of the Preferences


The full list of improvements and bug fixes can be seen here!