Freeware tools BESA Simulator and BESA Plot

Our freeware tools BESA Simulator and BESA Plot continue to thrive and blossom! BESA Simulator is the number one educational freeware tool for EEG source analysis, and has recently added more functionality to make it even more instructive.
The new release boasts a highly flexible feature for generating topography map sequences in any projection, an improvement in the handling of realistic (FEM) models, a dedicated dialog for saving leadfields, better tools for combining multiple sources in a model, cursor operation by mouse wheel, plus the ability to read and define labels for simulated sources.
This comes in addition to the well-established features for simulating dipolar and oscillatory activity with or without (white or coloured) noise, for understanding filter effects, using different EEG and MEG sensor configurations, and many more.
BESA Plot is another great freeware tool for creating publication figures from your data. It is highly intuitive and comes with a comprehensive set of tutorials to get you started. Once you start using it, you may wonder why or how you did without it in your previous life.
Both these tools are readily available free of charge – just register on and for Simulator and Plot, respectively, download, and enjoy!