Special early bird BESA Research upgrade offer – upgrade now to benefit twice!

From January 2018, in line with the release of the new BESA Research in the first quarter of the year, prices will be adapted. You can act now to benefit twice: Upgrade your old BESA Research version before the end of this year for the old prices, and also enjoy a free upgrade to BESA Research 7.0 with lots of exciting new features (see below) at the beginning of the new year! Please see the table below for a comparison of current pricing, and the pricing in 2018.

Upgrade Oct – Dec 2017 Upgrade 2018
Upgrade from version … Standard upgrade price 2017 Upgrade from version … Standard upgrade price (Proportion of full license)
6.1 → 7.0 Free if purchased 2017, or 20% of 2018 price list
6.0 → 6.1 / 7.0 20% of 2017 price list 6.0 → 7.0 40% of 2018 price list
5.3 → 6.1 / 7.0 40% of 2017 price list 5.3 → 7.0 60% of 2018 price list
5.2 → 6.1 / 7.0 60% of 2017 price list 5.2 → 7.0 100% of 2018 price list

Upgrade prices from older BESA Research versions to BESA Research 6.1 (with free upgrade to version 7.0) are a proportion of the current license price. For example, upgrading from BESA Research 5.3 to 6.1 costs 40% of the full license; until end of December, prices will be the 2017 prices, and you will automatically gain a free upgrade to the new version 7.0 on top of this!
Get a first impression about the main new features in BESA Research 7.0 here.
If you are interested in upgrading your old BESA Research version to BESA Research 6.1 with subsequent free upgrade to 7.0, please e-mail sales@besa.de for a quotation.
In case you already purchased BESA Research 6.1 prior to 2017, please also contact sales@besa.de for a special upgrade offer to version 7.0.