Special end-of-year discount on the BESA Boundary Bundle

The BESA Boundary Bundle bundles together the newly released products BESA MRI 3.0 and BESA Research 7.1. Together, they enable you to use our three-shell Boundary Element Model calculated in BESA MRI 3.0 in a seamless integration with BESA Research 7.1. Moreover, this integration can also improve your localization by allowing to place your non-digitized electrodes on the individual skin surface reconstructed in BESA MRI 3.0, provided they were placed according to 10-10 rules. This and all the other new features in these latest releases come at a discount of 20% if you order a new license for both products! This is assuming that the BESA Research version contains the Source Analysis module, i.e. the product version is Standard or higher.

This offer is available from now until 31st December 2020.

BESA Research product version BESA MRI product version Discount on the full package when combining them
BESA Research 7.1 Standard BESA MRI 3.0 20%
BESA Research 7.1 Complete BESA MRI 3.0 20%

Please contact sales@besa.de to obtain a quotation for your discounted product license.