Learn about MEG technology and software applications in the MEGIN masterclasses

Already some time ago, the global leaders in magnetoencephalography (MEG) MEGIN have teamed up with BESA in order to deliver a next-generation offering for the analysis of MEG data (https://www.elekta.com/pressreleases/EE8624E63683B4BB/strategic-partnership-between-elekta-and-besa-to-improve-clinical-workflows). This month, a new series of webinars was initiated by MEGIN which will provide insights into today’s usage of MEG in research and clinical applications, and, among other aspects, also show recent advances in analysis software and user workflows in the BESA-hosted webinar “Quantum leap: How hardware and software leaders MEGIN and BESA combined their strengths to streamline MEG analysis”. Interested? Learn more and register on https://megin.fi/megin-masterclass/.