BESA Research for source imaging and dipole localization in EEG and MEG

Smart, highly versatile and user-friendly. BESA® is the most widely used software for source analysis and dipole localization in EEG and MEG research.

With optimized tools and scripts, the Windows® program takes you conveniently through the complete analysis pathway, from data preprocessing through averaging to source analysis and connectivity analysis. Fast and easy hypothesis testing, cortical imaging and volume imaging methods or the integration with MRI and fMRI are just some advantages of our software.

In particular, our newly released BESA Research 7.1 provides the ideal combination of state-of-the-art research tools and proven workflows.

Whether you are aiming for unlocking mechanisms of brain connectivity and function, or for enhanced diagnostic use on epileptiform data, BESA Research 7.1 will help you to achieve your targets reliably and with more pathways than ever before.

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