BESA Research 6.1 January 2017 is released!

The update release BESA Research 6.1 January 2017 can now be downloaded at
BESA Research is now available for limited diagnostic purposes in the EU and in other countries that recognize the CE certification for medical devices, including the use as an additional tool for the evaluation of epileptiform EEG and MEG data. Diagnostic use is restricted to applications detailed in the Intended Use document, and to a group of users detailed in the Intended User document, which need to be consulted together with the other safety instructions before any such use. Several enhancements were performed to minimize potential risks and to improve the workflow of clinical application. Anyone using BESA Research 6.1 is eligible for a free upgrade to this version.
Apart from that, other improvements were made, especially for an improved EDF format reading and writing feature, and better handling of batch logging.
If you are interested in more information on BESA Research, or in purchasing BESA Research 6.1, please email with a request for information request, or for a quotation.