Corona and your research with BESA software

Almost everyone is now affected by COVID-19 in some way. Of course, we at BESA are no exception. The BESA main office is closed, but everyone continues working from home – luckily, the server infrastructure and modern digital communication make this possible, and meetings have been moved from the kitchen and conference room to Skype and WebEx.

Maybe you have been affected in a similar way. If you cannot go to the lab right now, but your BESA license key is attached to a server in your lab (or to any computer that can be accessed remotely), there is still a good chance you will be able to retrieve your license remotely, and continue working with BESA Research as normal! There are just a few steps to take. These are described in our Wiki page on Licensing. Go to the section “How can I configure who is allowed to use the BESA network license?” and download the linked pdf “HASP How to use BESA licenses on a network.pdf”. This guide will give you all the information you need – and if any questions remain, please contact our support.

About another related topic: BESA plans to hold several BESA Research workshops this year. However, due to the current situation, dates for these are still not fixed. We will update you with the dates as soon as a realistic planning is possible! In the meantime, check our website for announcements of online training sessions.

In this challenging time, we will try and do everything we can to support you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any (BESA-related) issues you may have.

Keep calm and research on!