Upcoming BESA Research releases loaded with new features!

We already mentioned in a previous newsletter that the release of BESA MRI 3.0 is just round the corner (cf. https://www.besa.de/software/besa-mri-3-0-feature-preview/). However, this is not the only exciting news! What’s more, we also plan the release of BESA Research 7.1 in May 2020. This will be a major upgrade to the software, with many new features that can make a difference to your research. Some of the feature highlights are:

  • Use of Boundary Element Model (BEM) for source analysis and source imaging
  • Multi-slice view of source images in the brain anatomy
  • Combined EEG-MEG source modelling
  • Source montages created from atlas regions
  • Plus numerous other improvements like analysis speedup, new brain atlases, new data readers, new and improved batches, SESAME hyper-priors, and more

Please note that prices will be adapted in May 2020. To benefit from the old prices, be quick to contact sales@besa.de!