BESA MRI 3.0 feature preview

BESA MRI 3.0 is just round the corner! We are expecting the release of this shining hot new star of the BESA universe in early 2020. Some highlights of the new features are:

  • Automated Boundary Element Model (BEM) calculation for use in BESA Research source modelling, or outside of BESA
  • Automated placing of electrodes that were recorded in standard 10-10 positions onto the individual head surface reconstructed from MRI – accurate co-registration without the need for digitizers!
  • Several brain atlases available for display on structural MRI
  • Loading BESA dipole solutions to display in individual MRI with confidence ellipsoids of source location
  • Support for lossless jpg compressed DICOM files
  • Improvements in co-registration visualization and user interaction
  • …. and more

As usual, these features will go hand in hand with the associated BESA Research software, which will be provided in time as a free update to BESA Research 7.0 users to make full use of these benefits.

If you are interested in more information or in a quotation, please send an email to