BESA – MATLAB interaction: powerful new scripts available for free download

BESA has had a powerful interface to MATLAB for a long time. Now, on the one hand we have the ability of sending any type of data directly to MATLAB through the interface. On the other hand, on top of that, a set of scripts enables enhanced data processing tasks of BESA data within the MATLAB environment. We have worked further on these, and now present a bunch of super-helpful new MATLAB scripts, available for free download! Let us introduce them:

  • TFPLOT – a tool for averaging Time-Frequency data in a single channel across a group, with adjustable visualization
  • BESAConnectivityScripts – a set of functions that enhance usage of BESA Connectivity. Please see our Wiki pages How to prepare data for BESA Connectivity and How to convert BESA Connectivity results for BESA Statistics for more information
  • besa_average_image – a tool to create an average image from distributed source analysis results across a group or across conditions
  • EEGLab compatibility functions which extend the interaction that already existed with the FieldTrip toolbox to EEGLab:
    • besa2eeglab – converts the besa_channels data structure which is sent from BESA Research to MATLAB to an EEGLAB structure (EEG) for further processing in EEGLab
    • eeglab2besa – converts EEGLAB data structure (EEG) to the MATLAB BESA data structure (besa_channels)

In addition, some improvements in existing interface functions include the BESA2MATLAB functions readBESAsfh where file location reading was improved, and readBESAImage, which now reads the latency correctly from files.

Of course many more existing functions continue to be available, like reading leadfields, reading grid locations, etc. etc. – please check it out by visiting to download the latest scripts and enjoy the continuing cooperation between BESA and MATLAB!