Double bonus: Pre-order BESA MRI 3.0 at old price and secure 20% discount on all other BESA products

The 2010s or “tweenies” will soon be history, and we will move on to the unknown exciting pastures of the twenties! To celebrate this with us, enjoy a staggering 20% discount on any BESA product, and secure a free upgrade to BESA MRI 3.0 at the same time:
The current BESA MRI 2.0 price is only valid until the end of this year, and purchasing now will give you a free upgrade to BESA MRI 3.0! Check out the main new features of BESA MRI 3.0 here. In addition to that, your order of BESA MRI 3.0 will earn you a discount of 20% on any other BESA products you order along with it.
If you already have a BESA MRI 2.0 license, or you are not interested in BESA MRI but in other BESA products, you can still benefit from the end-of-tweenies offer: For any BESA product, a special 10% discount will be given if purchased before the end of the 2010s!
See the table below for a summary of the offers.

Discount Purchase BESA MRI with free upgrade to BESA MRI 3.0 No purchase of BESA MRI
On BESA MRI 3.0 500 € (new price from 1st January 2020: 3,750 €)
On any other BESA product (including upgrades) 20 % 10 %

If you are interested in any of the offers listed above, please send an e-mail to