Marking twenty years of BESA 99

BESA through the years

Time-warp back twenty years: By most people, the year 1999 is perceived mainly as the ramp-up to the year 2000, or the Y2K as the tech-y people call it. Everything and anything is branded with a “2000” in its name. Right in the middle of this phase, BESA 99 is released, with deliberately understated naming convention, but with a powerful offering: For the first time, a comprehensive user-friendly M-EEG review program is bundled seamlessly with another unmatched package for source analysis.

This innovative concept offered analysis pathways and a deeper understanding of the data that had not been possible before. The success was instant, and to this day, BESA software remains at the top of the game, still offering unique ways of reviewing neurophysiological data as well as a number of state-of-the-art methods for deciphering the underlying neural correlates and dynamics.

Nine major version upgrades and thousands of BESA-powered publications later, BESA Research is still thriving and getting ready for the next large steps – all the time listening to your inputs, absorbing and also shaping new trends in neuroscience. Looking forward to walking into the next decade with you!