BESA Connectivity 1.0 November 2019 released

BESA Connectivity 1.0 November 2019 is a maintenance release. Apart from bug fixes, it also features some highly useful improvements. Highlights include:

All workflows

  • Several different color maps are now available for data display in the 2D results display windows. These include:
    • For diverging data types (TSE and Imaginary part of coherency), the color maps Standard and Blue to Red.
    • For sequential data types (absolute TF amplitude and all the other connectivity methods), the color maps Standard, Rainbow, and Viridis.
  • Mouse hover in the Detail windows reveals the current data value under the mouse cursor in a tooltip text.

Time-Frequency Analysis

  • Trial epochs are now enhanced by zero padding if the provided padding is not sufficient to cover the wavelet width or low pass filter width required for the time-frequency transformation. This means that the lowest frequencies are now available even if no or short padding was supplied with the data epochs. However, be aware that there is a cone of influence that may influence your data result if very low frequencies and long wavelets are used. Look up the chapter Cone of influence in the manual or the program help for more information.

Connectivity Analysis

  • In the 3D window, an information text is now shown with the connectivity values of the currently selected channels at the current time-frequency cursor. Hovering the mouse pointer over a channel shows the channel label.
  • In the 3D display mode, the granularity of threshold can be adjusted with much higher precision than before.

For the full list of improvements and bug fixes, please browse to products/besa-connectivity/overview/ and follow the link to the Update History document.

BESA Connectivity 1.0 November 2019 is a free update for users with a valid license of BESA Connectivity or BESA Research 7.0 Complete. You can download it here. If you are interested in an offer for purchasing a license for BESA Connectivity, please send an e-mail to