New prices from May 2020 – last chance to upgrade your BESA Research 5.3 version!

From May 2020, a new price list will come into place. After prices for BESA Research products have remained stable for several years, there will be a moderate adjustment of pricing in line with general consumer price changes. However, you can still purchase for the current prices until the end of April – so now is the time to upgrade your older versions, or purchase new licenses. Purchasing now will enable you to directly benefit from upcoming releases of BESA products since updates are free within one year of purchase.

Upgrade policy will also be adapted from May 2020: Upgrade prices will no longer hinge on the version numbers, but rather they will go by years since purchase. The following table gives an overview of the new upgrade pricing system.

Upgrade type Upgrade price Enhanced support including upgrades (pre-purchased with software license)
Old price list From May 2020
Upgrade one version number License(s) not older than 2 years 20% of license price Two years of free upgrades: 15% of license price
Upgrade two version numbers License(s) not older than 3 years 40% of license price Three years of free upgrades: 30% of license price
Upgrade three version numbers License(s) not older than 4 years 60% of license price Four years of free upgrades: 45% of license price

In particular, end of April 2020 will be the last opportunity to upgrade from BESA Research 5.3 to BESA Research 7.0 – afterwards, you will need to purchase a completely new license for BESA Research. For this last chance, an extra discount will be offered! We will contact all eligible customers with versions 5.3, 6.0, and 6.1 individually with the special offer.

If you are interested in an offer for purchasing or updating any of your existing BESA products using the old prices, please send an e-mail to