End of life of old BESA hardlock dongles

As you probably know, the old BESA version 5.2 which was originally released in 2008 is no longer supported. Our partner who provides the hardlock dongles has decided to stop production of the hardlocks that were shipped with that version (see pictures below for examples of these hardlock types).

This means that in case that a hardlock physically breaks, BESA will not be able to replace it anymore. While it is very rare that a hardlock breaks, in that case it will be necessary to replace the hardlock with a new one, and thus an upgrade to BESA 6.0 will be required. The last date for replacing a broken old hardlock without upgrading to BESA 6.0 is the 31st December 2014 (note that a fee for shipping, handling, and the hardlock itself, will be applicable for the replacement – please contact sales@besa.de for further information).