BESA Research 6.1 July 2016 Update Release

The update July 2016 for BESA Research 6.1 is now released. It comes free for all users of BESA Research 6.1, and contains many improvements and bug fixes. The main news are:

  • Cortical Imaging:
    • In cortical mapping, it is now possible to visualize the positions of local maxima, and to seed dipole sources from these positions (new toolbar icons). Sources can be visualized together with the cortical image (right click menu). The cortical surface can be viewed in a transparent view in order to visualize sources that are inside the cortex (right click menu / Options).
    • A new cortical Laplacian operator (Weighted Graph Laplacian) was implemented.
  • Data review and pre-processing:
    • ICA components that were saved in a previous session can now be loaded again, without having to re-compute them.
    • Digitized coordinates for electrodes not following the 10-10 labeling standard are now supported.
  • Network configuration and installation:
    • In network installations, it can now be configured which computers pull an MEG license off the server.
    • Communication dlls for the Matlab interface are now available for the latest Matlab versions.

Download the new version on

The full list of changes is available  here.

If you are interested in purchasing a BESA Research 6.1 license or upgrade, or if you have any questions about this release, please contact