BESA Epilepsy 2.0 March 2016 Patch 6 available

The patch 6 for BESA Epilepsy 2.0 March 2016 is now available. It contains some improvements and bug fixes. The improvements are:

  • Hide events:
    • Enhancement for the event list in EEG Review and Seizure Review. You have now the possibility to hide events (e.g. system events) permanently in BESA Epilepsy. Please find more details here
  • Database configuration – Alpha Trace:
    • New “Is BESA Export folder” checkbox is now available in the “Add new EEG data folder” dialog. This checkbox is only visible, if Alpha-Trace is selected as data format. Check this option, if the specified folder contains only link files to the server data. Do not check this option, if the folder is the server path and a normal update should be applied for this folder.
  • EEG Review / Seizure Review:
    • In the observation details window (Obs), the Map column is now also visible. This allows you to directly add images of the 3D map to the report from this window. You do not longer need to switch back to the event list for taking a 3D map image.

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The full list of changes is available here.

Download instructions are available here.

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