New BESA Wiki articles

It is one thing to have a great software package available for data analysis, but another thing to actually know how to use all the features – or, if you don’t know, then be able to easily find explanations on how to do things! With this in mind, we have further enhanced our BESA Wiki with a bunch of new articles that we hope will come in very useful when you use BESA Research!

Some examples include:

  • How the automated artifact correction works
  • Various artifact handling approaches for MEG and intracranial data
  • The Peak Finder tool explained in detail
  • How M/EEG data filtering influences different analysis steps and where to adjust it
  • Enabling auto-orientation of 3D maps
  • Beamformer types available in the Source Analysis module
  • Several articles about importing specific data formats

… and there is more! Come and visit and browse through the knowledge base, or type your search keyword in the search field at the top. Each page will also tell you which module and version you will need to use that feature.