BESA Epilepsy

BESA Epilepsy 2.0

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 March 2016 is the first release of the BESA Epilepsy 2.0 series.

Please read the user documentation before first use! All Instructions for Use documents are provided in English language only.

Program setup

You can download the program setup file for BESA Epilepsy 2.0 March 2016 from the following link (102 MB):

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 Setup

Please note: The installation of the product must be carried out by the system administrator or an authorized
person. This staff bears full responsibility for correct setup of the product within the network. If the product is installed on a PC or notebook within the patient environment, the PC or notebook must either conform to DIN EN IEC 60601-1 medical PC or must be isolated from the patient by means of protection (IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition), for example, using an isolating transformer fixed to the PC or mobile isolating devices for notebooks. This setup is valid for the clinical edition and the research edition of BESA Epilepsy.


You can download a patch file recommended for BESA Epilepsy 2.0 March 2016 from the following link (40.2 MB):

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 Patch 10

This patch fixes problems on patient list epochs and database update. For a detailed list of changes, please follow the link given in the section “New Features and Bug Fixes” below.

Please note: If you want read Cadwell EEG data on your computer and you do not have the Cadwell EEG software installed, please download the SDK here and install it to the recommended path on the C:\ drive of your computer.


You can learn the BESA Epilepsy program very fast based on three example patients. You can download the examples setup file for BESA Epilepsy 2.0 March 2016 from the following link (925 MB):

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 Examples

Please note: The InstallShield will require approximately 2.7 GB of free hard disk space to successfully complete the installation.

New Features and Bug Fixes

For a list of new features, improvements, bug fixes, and known issues in BESA Epilepsy 2.0, please click here.

User documentation

The User documentation includes the BESA Epilepsy 2.0 Booklet, the Update History, and the BESA Epilepsy 2.0 Reader Documentation. All documentation is provided in English language only.

Please download the manual for BESA Epilepsy 2.0 (2.4 MB):

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 Booklet

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 Update History

BESA Epilepsy 2.0 Reader Documentation

BESA – Product Symbols

User documentation for older versions of BESA Epilepsy can be found here.

Trial version

If you would like to test BESA Epilepsy without owning a license yet, you can receive a fully functional, time-limited trial version. Please order a trial HASP dongle using the Trial Order Form.

Price list

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