Data review and processing

Data review and processing module

BESA Research provides many tools for reviewing and processing of your EEG or MEG data. Raw data are directly read using readers implemented for many EEG and MEG file formats. Data processing steps include digital filtering, artifact detection and correction, computation of correlation and spectral analysis. All these steps can be performed easily with a few mouse clicks. A variety of different display options allows for convenient review of your data.


Onset of epileptic seizure with 3D whole-head maps



Data import and export

  • Direct readers for most EEG and MEG data file formats
  • Import of user-defined file formats using generic reader
  • Data import / export to ASCII and binary files
  • MATLAB interface for direct transfer of analysis results to MATLAB

Data processing

  • Superior digital filtering: high, low, and narrow band pass, notch
  • Interpolation from recorded to virtual and source channels
  • Automated EOG and EKG artifact detection and correction
  • Advanced user-defined instantaneous artifact correction
  • Pattern detection and averaging by spatio-temporal correlation

Data review

  • Easy and fast review of digital EEG and MEG data files
  • Fast paging, tagging and selected viewing of epochs of interest
  • DSA and event displays for quick jump to relevant pages
  • Additional selected and virtual artifact channels (EOG etc.)
  • Linear and non-linear correlation between scalp and source channels
  • Spectral analysis: FFT, DSA, power and phase mapping
  • Independent Component Analysis (ICA): Decomposition of EEG/MEG data into ICA components that can be used for artifact correction and as spatial sources in the source analysis window

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