Integration with MRI and fMRI

Integration with MRI and fMRI

For easy source analysis using individual MRI data, BESA Research provides an interactive interface to BESA MRI. EEG / MEG data can be coregistered with individual MRI data using individually digitized electrode positions or standard electrodes.


Coregistration and FEM model generation in BESA MRI




  • Integrated workflow for all user-interactions
  • Automatic preprocessing with inhomogeneity correction
  • Automatic reconstruction of scalp and cortex
  • Automatic generation of individual 4-layer FEM model (scalp, skull, CSF and brain)
  • Co-registration using digitized electrodes / headshape points or 10-10 / 10-20 standard electrodes
  • Generation of FEM leadfields for individual head models co-registered with EEG electrodes and / or head surface points
  • Overlay of source reconstructions on the individual MRI in BESA Research
  • Separate license required for BESA MRI program

BESA Research also provides an interactive link to Rainer Goebel’s BrainVoyager™ (BV) program. The bidirectional connection of the two programs allows for source seeding from fMRI clusters with one mouse click.


  • Direct and easy interactive user interface of BESA Research with BV
  • Analysis of individual MRI and fMRI data in BV
  • Visualization and processing of individual MRI and fMRI
  • Automated rendering of scalp and cortical surfaces
  • Expansion and flattening of the cortical surface
  • Minimum norm current image based on individual gray/white matter boundary
  • Seeding of sources into BESA Research from anatomical 2D or 3D MR images or from fMRI BOLD clusters in BV via interactive link
  • Overlapped display of fMRI and EEG / MEG sources in BV
  • Separate license required for the BrainVoyager™ program

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